Ongoing Clearasil Coupon

By | October 28, 2011

Clearasil has been a name many have trusted to help them with their skin care, including those horrible acne problems. With Clearasil coupon offers, you can save on this item from now through 2012.

Clearasil has a number of items available to help you care for your skin. Whether it is cleansers, pads, scrubs or treatement creams, you can find the right product for you, and then find the right coupon for you to save.

Clearasil Coupons – Expires October 31 2015 – Join their club to learn more about their products and receive a free coupon just for signing up. From then on, you will receive will coupon offers and information in your inbox regularly! Just sign up at the link here.


Ongoing Zyrtec Coupons

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Zyrtec provides relief from your allergy symptoms.  We’ve found a few Zyrtec coupons available for savings off this over the counter drug until October of 2012.

Zyrtec is one of the best over the country drugs to provide 24 hour relief from your allergies.  If you are sneezing and have problems, especially in the spring you might want to try this product. But you should consult with your doctor first!

Zyrtec Rewards Coupon - Expires October 6, 2015 – Save up to $7 off your next purchase when you sign up for their reward program.

Official Zyrtec Coupon - 2015 – There are 2 offers currently available.

Get $4 Off any 40 count or higher.

$2 off any Zyrtec product except for trial sizes.

Latest Quiznos Coupon

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Quiznos is a sub restaurant letting you customize your sandwich. We found a new Quiznos coupon valid until October 2012.

Quiznos lets you toast your sandwich before you eat perfection. Choose the vegetables, the type of bread, and how large you want it.  There is a reason why Quiznos is so popular, they just make great, quickly prepared subs!

Official Quiznos Coupons – Expires 10/3/2015 – Sign up for the Q club and get alerted to official coupons that are emailed out to members for savings on subs. Get an instant $2 off Quiznos coupon just for signing up.

Quiznos Local Store Coupon – Expires 11/4/2015 – Find a local store location to find a deal specifically tailored for your location.

Current Wendys Coupon

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We found a brand new Wendys coupon printable until October of 2012.  Wendy is home to fresh square burgers that are never frozen.  They also provide drinks like their famous frosties that you eat with a spoon.  Whether you need to save on fries, drinks, or burgers, Wendys passed out occasional savings all year round!

Official Wendys Coupon – Expires 6/7/2015 – Get $1 off your next purchase of any value meal at Wendys restaurant locations! Just sign up and you should be sent the savings immediately. They will also send you future coupons with savings off fries, burgers, and more.

Wendys Coupons for Michigan – Expires 2015 – These deals work only in Michigan restaurant locations. They’ve got quite a few offers listed here as you’ll see below:

- Buy 1 hamburger, get 1 free
- Buy 1 twisted frosty, get 1 free
- Hamburger w/cheese, 2 for $6
- Chicken sandwich, 2 for $6
- $1 discount on boneless wings
- $1 discount on any Wendys combo

That is 6 in total.

Wendys Value Menu Coupon - Expires 11/6/2015 – You don’t need to clip anything to save with Wendys food items for only $1! Everything on this menu costs only $1.

New BJ’s Warehouse Coupon

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BJ’s Warehouse is a company that runs warehouse stores in the eastern United States. With 190 stores throughout the eastern US, you can always find a great deal with this new BJ’s Warehouse coupon. With BJ’s Warehouse in-store club coupons, you can save on your purchases through 2012.

If you join their club, you have the chance to save even more. With club membership, BJ’s will even accept your manufacturer coupons. There is a chance for a 60 day free membership if you join their club as well!

Here you buy items in a large quantity, and get passed on the savings because you’re buying it straight from the warehouse!

BJ’s Warehouse Coupons - Expires October 5, 2015 – Visit their club coupons page to find out what the latest coupon offers are in store. Do not miss out on your chance to save at a BJ’s near you!

60 Day Bj’s Warehouse Free Pass Coupon – Until 9/4/2015 – Sign up and get to join the club for free for 60 days. You’ll be able to shop as if you were a full time member. This is a great way to try before you buy a membership.

Current Krispy Kreme Coupon

By | October 27, 2011

Krispy Kreme has been known as a name in great doughnuts since 1937, and with a Krispy Kreme coupon you can grab your favorite sweet treats and save at the same time through at least October of 2012.

You can find Krispy Kreme locations in a number of US states, and there are new locations popping up all the time. Try their doughnuts, coffee products or their Kool Kreme’s at a location near you.

You can often see them making the donuts right inside the store.  They offer a clear window that shows the process from beginning to end. Many of the donuts come fresh right off the belt so they are as fresh as possible!

Krispy Kreme Coupon Newsletter - Expires October 31 2015 – Krispy Kreme has a great newsletter available. Sign up to find out the latest information and coupon offers available for their locations.

Krispy Kreme Fund Raising Coupon -Valid Until October 31 2011 – Krispy Kreme has a great new coupon out if you want to include theme in your fund raising efforts. Buy 300 doughnuts, and you can receive 25 for free with this coupon!

Ongoing Sonicare Coupon

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Phillips Sonicare products are a name you can trust when it comes to electronic toothbrushes, and with a Phillips Sonicare coupon and special deals, you can save on your next purchase of this product at a store near you at least until 2012.

Whether you shop online or at your local store, there are many ways for you to save. Once you register your newly purchased product, you can register with Phillips and also sign up for their newsletter when you do. Sonicare always has a deal available. You just need to look for it!

Sonicare provides a wide range of electronic toothbrushes at different costs and sizes.  You can choose from a single brush or a dual action brush. Phillips Sonicare Coupons – Expires October 12 2015 – is known as a source for coupons, and this includes Sonicare coupons. Check here monthly to find out what the latest coupon offers are!

Phillips Sonicare Newsletter – Expires October 31 2015 – Register your product and sign up for their newsletter at the same time. Their newsletter will put the latest information, promotions, and coupons right in your inbox when they become available.

Phillips Sonicare Coupon on Amazon
- 2015 – Search Amazon’s item page for this product to find great deals to help you save on the purchase of your next item. Pay a fraction of full price here!

Ongoing Laughing Cow Cheese Coupon

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Laughing cow cheese is straight from france to your fridge! This new laughing cow coupon lets you save until October 2012. Save on their cheese sold in both spreadable form and little cheese blocks.

Laughing cow is generally imported from France and comes in a variety of flavors. These include: ham, gruyère, garlic, paprika, mushroom, chèvre, bleu, hazelnut, pizza and onion. They let you choose from regular, light, and even an extra light version with only 3% worth of fat!

Laughing Cow Cheese Coupon – Expires 10/6/2015 – Save from their official website when you buy any version of their cheese. Just register to be a member to unlock their savings.

Laughing Cow Facebook Coupon – Expires 11/6/2015 – Like their official cheese page on facebook to get notified to new promos and offers.

Find a location near you – Enter your zip code to find out where this laughing cow cheese is sold near you. Not all supermarkets sell this so use this link to locate it before you go shopping.

New Mimis Cafe Coupon

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At Mimis cafe eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a New Orleans decor. We found a new Mimis Cafe coupon that won’t expire until October 5, 2015 so you’ll get restaurant savings!

Mimis Cafe is owned by Bob Evans, but provides a completely different food experience. While Bob’s is specialized on food down from the farm, Mimis Cafe offers New Orleans style / French food.

Mimis Cafe Free Breakfast Coupon – Until 10/5/2015 – Get a free breakfast when you give them your email address.

10 Meals under $25 Coupon – Expires 11/6/2015 – Find a total of 10 meals currently sold under $25 for a great restaurant experience at Mimi’s!

Current U by Kotex Coupon

By | October 26, 2011

U by Kotex is one of the newest feminine hygiene products by Kotex brand! With U by Kotex coupons, women can save when they buy this product from now through 2012, and that is one great deal! Kotex is always one to also offer free samples, so you can try their products before you buy. This way you can make sure that the product is the right one for you!

U By Kotex has a number of ways for you to retrieve coupons for their products too. Whether it is their samples page, offers page, or the Kotex newsletter, you can save on their feminine hygiene products.

U by Kotex Samples - Expires October 12 2015 – If you want to try out their products, you can grab a free sample from their site. It will be sent to you via mail.

U By Kotex Coupons – Expires October 15 2015 – Visit the coupons page for U by Kotex to find out the latest printable coupon offers for this product brand!

Kotex Newsletter - Sign up for the Kotex newsletter to find out the latest information about this product in your email. This includes the latest coupon offers!